Morgan Freeman Is Being Sued.

Posted: March 8, 2009 by streetsrus in Celebs

by the passenger who was riding in the car with him when he had that bad car accident last August. At the time Demaris Meyer was being referred to as Morgan’s mistress. Even her own family sold her out telling the National Enquirer that Demaris missed one of her parent’s funeral [can’t remember if it was her mom’s or her dad’s] to stay by Morgan’s side. And then, to add fuel to the adulterous fire, 4 days after the accident Morgan sped up divorce procedings from his wife of 24 years. Anyway, now Miss Thing claims to have been “only friends” with Morgan even though she admitted she’d been planning to sleep over with him the night of the accident, in a ‘friends only’ kind of way of course. But now she’s suing him because she says she saw Morgan drinking before their ill fated car ride.


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