Michael Jackson Threatens Auctioneers

Posted: March 28, 2009 by streetsrus in Celebs, Drama, Feud, Finance, News
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So you know there’s an auction scheduled to unload all the crap at Neverland Ranch that Michael Jackson claims he didn’t authorize and since the auction house refused to stop the sale under threat of a lawsuit Michael is ‘allegedly’ taking it to the street.

The auctioneer has accused Mike of threatening to sic the Fruit of Islam on them.
In a sworn statement, Julien’s Auctions President Darren Julien claims the singer’s representatives said they would get “Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam” after him if he didn’t call off the sale. “Michael Jackson wanted to give the message to us, that our lives are at stake and there will be bloodshed,” Julien said.

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