A.I.’s Bodyguards Claim Another Victim

Posted: April 14, 2009 by streetsrusblogtalk in Celebs, Drama, Feud, Gossip
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Not even a month after a judge ruled that Detroit Piston Allen Iverson has to pay $260,000 to a D.C. area man after he recieved a beating at the hands of A.I.’s bodyguards, another dude is claiming to have gotten a beat down from Allen’s goon squad. From WDIV in Detroit:
An Ohio man is claiming Detroit Piston Allen Iverson’s bodyguard attacked him Saturday night while attending a birthday party in Detroit. Guy Walker told Local 4 he was at the South Beach Pizza Bar when Allen Iverson showed up. “Everyone was excited because we were among superstars,” Walker said. He added that he’s followed Iverson’s career for years. Walker said he joined a group of people in the restaurant who were trying to talk and get autographs from Iverson. “I was like, ‘AI, what’s going on?’ And he was ignoring me,” Walker said. “So I was like whatever and went back to my spot. “Walker said Iverson’s bodyguard started to give him a hard time and words were exchanged. As he turned to walk away, Walker said the bodyguard hit him. “We were just jaw-jacking back at each other. And just as I was about to turn, I just felt this pain in my eye,” Walker said. “I didn’t touch him, I didn’t raise my hand or act like I was going to touch him. “Walker was taken to Henry Ford Hospital where he received nine stitches.

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