First Rule In Lie Telling

Posted: April 14, 2009 by streetsrusblogtalk in Celebs, Drama, Gossip
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Keep your lies straight! Last Saturday Chris Brown was photographed coming out of a tattoo parlor with some girl, whom everyone assumed to be his rebound chick. Then Chris’ people were like, ‘Yes Chris was at a parlor but not with no girl’. They claimed the girl photographed following Chris out of the tattoo parlor was with someone else in Chris’ camp and even went so far as to say that Chris didn’t even know the girl’s name. Then word leaks that the girl was CB’s ex from back home. Meanwhile the girl, who turned out to be Natalie Mejia from the Presents: Girlicious, blabbed to the, “It’s true we did visit a tattoo parlor together but I can’t say if we got anything done because that is personal”, as well as adding that “things are going well between us but I really do not want to comment much more than that right now”. Lastly, she says that Chris “has treated me like a gentleman at all times actually and there are no complaints”.  How long do you think before he smacks her around?

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