You heard it here first!

Posted: April 14, 2009 by streetsrus in Celebs, Gossip, Hip Hop, Music, News, Night Life, Other, Rap, Rappers
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Fevah Album

If you haven’t heard about this artist, you need to get from under that rock your living under. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Miami this one’s hitting the streets and hard. Cue45 aka Fevah just finished the METRO PCS 5borough tour. He’s working on a new album, rumor has it he’s been in the studio working with …………………… You’ll find out soon enough, just not yet! This one’s gonna be good!

Check it out:
MYSPACE – dont forget to “add him” and get a free ring tone of one of the hottest songs out right no, “SCREEN NAME” feat. VIC.
REVERB join the mailing list and the streat team to be the first to get those updates, or
iTUNES – if your liking this album just as much as the next you can cop it right here .

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