Ray J Looks Down On Lil Kim’s Make-Up Matching Skills

Posted: April 20, 2009 by streetsrusblogtalk in Celebs, Fashion, Gossip
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Can somebody tell this girl her foundation is supposed to match the back of her hand and not the front?

  1. whozdatladye says:

    Everyone needs to give Lil Kim a break and not expect her to be the same as she was before her unfortunate incarceration. I am not a Little Kim fan although I am glad that she has broadened her horizons with “Dancing with the Stars” besides mourning Biggie Smalls and rapping. (Big Ups, you know, and all of that). But I wish people would realize that Lil Kim is more mature now or shall we say older and since her lockdown, wiser. I have never been locked up before but perhaps she did not get as much fun in the sun during her incarceration therefore her skin lightened up. After all she did go through deep colon cleansing releasing many toxins that were perhaps unavailable to her during that time. Or maybe just maybe she was using a darker foundation than before which made her look darker than she really is. Who knows? Remember that rapper Lil Kim is a facade. A character that she is playing. Last week they were complaining about the way she was talking saying that she may have a speech impediment. She is doing a great job on DWTS. Also a character that she is playing. So stop trying to put her in a little tiny box and keep her the same person that she was when she was younger.

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