Michael Jackson Hit With A Couple of Lawsuits

Posted: May 7, 2009 by streetsrusblogtalk in Celebs, Drama, Feud, Music
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Michael Jackson’s former publicist Raymone Bain is suing him for $44 million plus attorney fees claiming Mike reneged on the financial terms of their longstanding agreement.And, Ola Ray, the chick who co-starred with Michael in the Thriller video is suing Mike for back royalties from the video. Is she just now coming out of a drug haze or something? That video was shoot back in 1982! Anyway her lawyer says, “She just wants to get her fair share of payments from this extremely successful project that she’s very proud of. She did receive some payments early on, but we don’t believe they were complete, and they were never timely. We’re expecting it to be a significant sum that she’s owed,” he said. The video continues to sell a lot worldwide and was just released again for it 25th anniversary.”

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