Swizz Is Still Banging Alicia Keys and He Wants You To Know It

Posted: May 12, 2009 by streetsrusblogtalk in Celebs, Gossip, Music
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Ok, so remember last year when Alicia Keys started dating married (with a kid) music producer Swizz Beats and threw that birthday party for him at the Guggenheim and all hell broke lose between him and his wife? Well, Swizz just laced a track for Drake. You know, ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ from DeGrassi Jr. High? He’s a rapper now. Anyway, on Swizzy’s verse he says:

“Wake up in the morning and my baby cooked me breakfast
Ass naked wearing nothing on, but a necklace
yeah she be shining on ya
She be gleamin on ya
She be SINGING on ya
I know you love her don’t ya
And we be travellin our ass off
You can see the proof it’s all in our passports
Yeah, she say she wanna treat me like a king
I get big gifts the money aint a damn thing
Y’all should’ve seen them haters they lost their mind
only God can judge me
What’s next? The Ring? the baby? She really loves me!”

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