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usher n jr

Usher who is requesting joint custody of his two sons in his pending divorce from Tameka Raymond says, “What I do is, I try to get work done and get home on the weekends if possible … but when I’m with my boys it’s just all about them.”

Through his divorce attorneys Usher has demanded Tameka relinquish, “any and all diaries or personal notes kept during the course of the marriage, tax files, paycheck stubs, bank account information and other financial records, insurance policies, real-estate rental agreements, medical records and automobile registrations. He is also seeking copies of, “notes, cards, letters, photographs, film, documents, tapes, voice recordings, gifts, jewelry, clothes or other evidence that reflects on Usher’s conduct during their marriage, as well as detective reports, photos or recordings that have resulted from either “surveillance or investigation” of him.

Smart Usher! Saving his rep before them naked picture of  him in funny costumes come out.

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