Wanda Scared the Hell Out of Teddy Riley

Posted: June 21, 2009 by streetsrusblogtalk in Celebs, Gossip, Music
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jamie foxx platinum

Last Wednesday RCA Music group held a surprise party for Jamie Foxx to give him his platinum plaques for ‘Intuition’ and couple of it’s singles. While Jaime was accepting his plaques and thanking all the people who made it possible, he told a story about the time he tried to give Teddy Riley his demo back in his In Living Color days. Teddy was the featured musical guest that week and the first time Jaime got a chance to talk to Teddy was after he’d just finished a skit involving his character Ugly Wanda. Jaime says he ran up on Teddy dressed as Wanda and was like, “Can you listen to my demo?” And Teddy, looking at this big transvestite was like, “You know, I feel very uncomfortable right now” and walked away. Jaime went on to thank Teddy for blowing him off that day, saying if he’d become a hit singer back then, his career would have been long over by now.

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