Lil’ Wayne And His Lil’ Defense!

Posted: June 23, 2009 by streetsrus in Celebs, Drama, Feud, Gossip, News, Rappers
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This would do Johnny Cochran proud!

Lil’ Wayne visited court on Tuesday, stemming from a January 2008 bust at a border checkpoint in Arizona.

Authorities searched his tour bus and found cocaine, ecstasy and a handgun.

Sounds like one dangerous pAArty!!!

Oh, but the rapper has a defense!

Wayne’s lawyer told the court that he suspects the drug-sniffing dogs used in the arrest may not have been reliable because they weren’t trained properly.

The dogs did their job and found the drugs, so we don’t get it!!

If the animals were not reliable than the search would be illegal and the items found would not be able to be used as evidence!

Nice try!

Hope Weezy enjoys his jail time!!!!

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