All My Indie Nikka’s Read This

Posted: April 27, 2010 by streetsrus in Hip Hop, Music, News, Night Life, Other, R&B, Rap, Rappers, Uncategorized
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Simtel Music Group, Inc has been able to rapidly capitalize on the widening gap between major and independent labels by catering to established talent, production companies and franchises, as well as emerging artists. Simtel Music Group, Inc is open to scouting and signing more hip-hop/rap acts. As the record label grows, they will be planning to accommodate space for singers. For aspiring artists looking for a record label to call home, SMG, Inc should be the label to send their demos too. Unlike their competitors, SMG, Inc strives to make sure their artists have the majority of creative control while signed on to SMG, Inc. SMG, Inc values their artists and urge them to exercise their right of freedom of speech. “We will only control, what’s more profitable to both the artist and the company,” Sims said, “You never know what topic of a song will generate money.” For now, SMG, Inc. is a small, independent label, however, the principle of letting their artists have more creative control over their products, will definitely make SMG, Inc expand to a profitable and successful record label. As their business grows, SGM, Inc is open to merging and creating alliances with other record labels.

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