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Both dates for Prince’s Welcome 2 America tour at Madison Square Garden sold out  in less than 30 minutes.

Happy Birthday

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Life is good for Odom, as his reigning NBA champions stand at 6-0, a record he contributes to with 15 points and 11 rebounds per game.

Lamar Odom turns 31 today.

Hey, I didn’t just post this cause it seemed like the right thing to do. I posted it because it affects my life. More and more people in my life are being diagnosed with Breast Cancer..  Watching Tommy and hearing him so determined makes me want to do as much as I can as well!

The song is called “60 Days” by Keeping Riley!



Check out thier tour dates on their website ~~>

Yeah you heard right Spliff Star was recently in Russia performing promoting his upcoming release ” One Shot Willy Part 2 “, check out the YouTube vid of the show below!


1968 Playboy Playmate of the Year Dorian, aka Victoria Rathgeb, aka Victoria Vetri (currently 5’5″, 110 lbs) was arrested late Saturday night and is still behind bars. Bail has been set at $1,000,000.

Law enforcement say they believe Dorian and her BF were having an argument that turned physical and that’s when Dorian grabbed a handgun and fired at least one shot into her boyfriend’s upper body. The boyfriend was rushed to a nearby hospital, he’s expected to survive.

When authorities first arrived to the scene, Dorian told cops that her boyfriend was shot by a drug dealer. If convicted, Dorian could face up to life in prison.

Its a boy!

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Alicia Keys gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Her and Swizz named the baby Egypt Daoude Dean.


Halle Berry is dating the co-star in her new movie “Deep Tide”. Some say she specifically requested Olivier Martinez for the part, or maybe it was just coincidence.

Mel B explains  why Angel Murphy’s hair resembles a troll doll.

Mel B explains: “Kids play around with gum, it’s going to be a disaster. She got it stuck. Not just a little to the side, to the root of her scalp. I can’t have a kid walking around with a head full of gum, so we shaved one side and that looked kind of weird, so we shaved the other side. Hence, she looks like a little baby troll.” “I kind of love it.”

Rapper YOUNG BUCK is preparing to sue his former boss 50 CENT for $5 million (£3.3 million) after the hip-hop mogul reportedly refused to release the ex-G-Unit member from his record label.

Buck, real name David Darnell Brown, was booted out of the In Da Club hitmaker’s G-Unit group in 2008 amid allegations of disloyalty, but he remained on the G-Unit Records client roster despite attempts to quit his contract.

He was recently forced to file for bankruptcy after being slapped with a $300,000 (£200,000) tax bill from America’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS), but the embattled star denied he was facing financial ruin, insisting it was a calculated move to allow him to terminate his current recording and publishing contracts with 50 Cent’s abel.

Now Buck – who previously accused 50, real name Curtis Jackson, of attempting to destroy his career – is taking his ex-pal and his former manager Sha Money XL to court over the matter.

His attorney Lynda Brown says, “Mr. Brown intends to reorganize his debts and pay off the IRS in a timely manner… He will also be filing a lawsuit in the next 30-60 days against his former manager, G-Unit label and Mr. Curtis Jackson.”