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Jim Jones and Bow Wow

Posted: June 23, 2009 by streetsrus in Celebs, Drama, Gossip, Music, News, Rappers
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They’ve both been dropped by Columbia Records.


Spectacular Offered $100,000 to pose nude in FlavaMen magazine. After Pretty Ricky member Spectacular posted a grind-off challenge to Bow Wow, Omarion and Chris Brown on youtube, he caught the attention of gay adult film studio Flava Works, the parent company of FlavaMen magazine, who put a $100,000 offer on the table for Spec to pose nude in their next issue.

Flava Works Chief Executive Officer Phillip Bleicher said, “I would love to have Spectacular do a spread. He would be the first male celebrity to do so. That would be history.”

Bow Wow

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Retiring from rap…again. Reminds me of the last time his cd tanked. You remember that Omarion calabo fiasco, ‘Best of Both Worlds’, home boy retired after that cd too. Anyway, Bow Weezy said he’s done everything that can be done in the music industry and that he’s finished. I guess thats why he’s doing the $20 bum t-shirt look, he’s gotta live on a budget.

Bow Wow Shut Down

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Sometime last week quotes from Bow Wow’s recent interview began showing up online implying that Angela Simmons was the ‘one who got away’ and sounding an awful lot like Bow Wow regrets the two are no-longer a couple. Bow Wow told Giant, “Angela Simmons is the love of my life. She’s a young black woman doing something incredible. She’s a CEO of a company at 21 years old and a positive role model for kids.”

Last night Angela addressed Bow Wow’s love declarations with a dismissive shrug stating, “i jus want to shut down any and all rumors about my relationships because you know how that can get. i am currently in the happiest relationship i have eva been in and MY other half lives in texas. so thats all i will say about that. Any person i have talked to in the past i wish them the best of luck :).”

Bow Wow Says

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“I dress like a skateboarder bum… My shirts cost $20.” Not like anyone cares about his $20 shirts. Why does he “choose” to dress like a bum? no body knows. Does anyone care? You? You? how about you?