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Former hip hop mogul Damon Dash ran into some money trouble a few years back (we can think of a few reasons why) and reportedly stopped paying a $78,504.20-per-month mortgage. Now comes the foreclosure auction.

Dash’s $7.3 million loan was for a pair of Tribeca lofts, one at 72 Laight Street, and the other a 5,200-square-foot duplex in The Atalanta at 25 N. Moore Street.

Damon Dash In The Auto Business

Posted: April 10, 2009 by streetsrus in Celebs, Fashion, Finance, Gossip

Damon Dash unveiled his new 2-door luxury SUV at the Baselworld watch expo in Switzerland recently. Why he debuted a car at a watch show? Beats me. But I suspect it’s because the truck was designed by Dame’s luxury timepiece and jewelry brand, Tiret New York. Anyway, get this: The truck got diamonds in it. Based on the Range Rover Sport body, the truck has accents throughout that match Tiret’s opulent oversized, bejeweled timepieces by designer Daniel Lazar.

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Last year there were stories that Lindsay Lohan was bugging just about anyone who would listen for cash – she was said to beg even casual acquaintances for $10,000 and to have told them she was good for it as she was about to make a comeback. 50 Cent, Steve O. and producer Damon Dash are among the people she was rumored to have tried to hit up for money. Lindsay has long been said to have cash flow issues stemming from a shopping addiction and inability to stop spending on high end products, dinners and hotels. She has also been caught stealing from friends and coat rooms.

Now there’s a story in dubious source Media Take Out that 50 Cent did indeed lend Lohan money and that she’s indebted to him for a million dollars. Whether this is true or not is completely up to question. You would think that if 50 Cent lent her money he’d be smart enough to stop once it reached six figures: reported to you last year that rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson loaned actress Lindsay Lohan a substantial amount of money. And now it appears he may have to go to court to get it back.

According to one of’s insiders, 50 may have lent Lindsay as much as $1 million – and he has yet to be paid back. And there’s more. The insider claims that 50 has begun consulting lawyers after repeated attempts to get Lindsay to pay him back.

The insider explained, “[50 Cent] doesn’t play when it comes to money. Either you pay up – or he gets his lawyers involved.”

[From Media Take Out]

Lindsay and her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, are currently on vacation in Mexico, where they’ve been photographed on the beach. There are plenty of stories that Ronson foots the bill when they’re out at restaurants and I wonder if she’s paying for their Mexican vacation. Lindsay may have a couple films coming out next year, but given the way she bleeds cash I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t have much in the bank.

Time will tell if there is such a lawsuit coming from 50 Cent, though, and at this point it just looks like a rumor.

Lindsay Lohan is shown shopping for shoes on 9/26/08. Credit: Fame