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“It’s Fevah” Street LP Release Party!

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If your in the Miami area Come check out my performance June 27,@ the White Room located at

1306 N. Miami (Downtown Miami). You can purchase tickets here —>www.aftonshows/fevah

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I really appreciate the love and support.

Today I’m feeling good so I want to share a Lil Game with you if you don’t already know! If your an artist trying to get your buzz going you know we grind all day everyday and never feel we have enough exposure. So we must learn to work smarter/more effective, ya Dig! So instead of sending messages that read ” Tell me what do you think of blah blah blah”, or “Check out my music” <—- I hate that one! That’s the one we all have used thinking that it would make someone drop what they’re doing to listen to music from someone they never heard of. Try another approach when your trying to gain more ears to your music. Here’s ONE: “I think my song (She’s Rockin) should be in the clubs,  What do you think?”.

Try and get people involved,  show them that there opinion matters cause it does.
Hope that helped you to think a lil bit differently when your doing your thing. If not hit me up and I’ll share some more strategies with you.

I really appreciate the Love and hope you will continue to keep checking out for more music from Ya Boy Fevah!


He’s broken the mold. Listen. Its FEVAH  for Real. Let me know what you think of his new song “ENCHANT YOU”.

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Get ’em while they last. Check out his music here and tell me what you think.



Fevah’s new album comming out soon, oct 17. Hot collaboration with artists from all over the map.