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DMX got 90 days in the slammer.

Yesterday it was announced that DMX would be turning himself in to Los Angeles authorities to begin serving time for some unnamed offense he committed 7 or 8 years ago. Today more of the story has come to light.

The charges stem from a 2002 DUI that DMX pleaded down to reckless driving. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail and his attorney says the reason he’s just now turning himself in is because he’s been in jail.

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According to KTLA-TV, guitarist Eddie Van Halen filed a lawsuit against Nike in Los Angeles Friday, alleging the company used the trademarked striped design from his guitar on their new line of Dunk Lows tennis shoes. The Nike shoes feature red, white and black streaks along the midsole. The suit states that Van Halen received a 2001 copyright for the design on the body of his Frankenstein electric guitar. Court papers allege that Nike infringed on that copyright by using the design on sneakers without “consent, approval or license.”

The suit is not only seeking monetary retribution — it also calls for “the impoundment and destruction of all footwear.”


Natalie Cole (after a successful kidney transplant) has announced she will be performing Sept. 9 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Kanye West

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He pleaded not guilty to battery charges, via his attorney, in LA last Friday. The charges stem from the run in ‘Yeezy had with photographers in LAX last Sept. 11. A pre-trial hearing has been set for July 15th.

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The Hoff nearly off’d himself this time!

David Hasselhoff — the former Baywatch hunk — was rushed to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical center  Saturday after his distraught daughter Hayley, 16, found him unconscious on the floor of his home in Encino, California. 

For Hasselhoff, it was yet another case of alcohol poisoning and an emergency rush to the hospital to save his life.

This time the rescuer was his ex-wife actress Pamela Bach from whom he’s been bitterly estranged.

Hayley called her mom, who lives 10 minutes away in the Hollywood Hills and she rushed to the rescue and drove him to the hospital where doctors yet again saved his life. 

This time the vodka-guzzling “America’s Got Talent” judge registered a staggering .39. alcohol level. Drunk driving in California is 08.

A source said a frightened Hayley kept “slapping her dad’s face” to keep him alive. “He was barely breathing when they got him at the hospital.

“He’s recovering. Pam was his bedside till 4a.m. this morning. This is about the 7th time he’s been taken to a hospital over the last few years with alcohol poisoning. How many visits will it take before he dies?”

Hoff has been hospitalized at least 10 times over the last few years – many unreported.

Tyra Testifies Against Stalker

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Tyra Banks was in court yesterday to testify against Brady Green from East Duluth, Ga who is accused of stalking her. Brady, who moved from Georgia to Los Angeles to be closer to Tyra and then to the east coast after finding Tyra’s show had moved to New York, said he only wanted to ‘do something nice’ for Tyra when he sent her more than a dozen roses with a note saying ‘When I see you, I love you’. On March 28, 2008 Brady arrived in NY after a 28 hour bus ride and went directly to the studios where Tyra films her talk show. After being turned away twice for being too early he got into it with one of Tyra’s staffers, threatening to slit their throat, and was placed on a ‘Do Not Admit’ list. He was later caught trying to sneak past security and was arrested a few blocks away carrying three magazines with Tyra on the cover, a bible and a receipt for the roses.