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Mel B explains  why Angel Murphy’s hair resembles a troll doll.

Mel B explains: “Kids play around with gum, it’s going to be a disaster. She got it stuck. Not just a little to the side, to the root of her scalp. I can’t have a kid walking around with a head full of gum, so we shaved one side and that looked kind of weird, so we shaved the other side. Hence, she looks like a little baby troll.” “I kind of love it.”

Mel B

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melb bday

Mel B and her ridiculous abs celebrating her 34th birthday poolside at Wet Republic in Las Vegas.

Mel B Says

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“I read about new research that showed 75 per cent of women don’t have an orgasm during sex! Oh my God! That amazed me, because having a good sex life is absolutely essential in my opinion. My advice to women who are unfulfilled in the bedroom is to invest in a sex toy. I use a little vibrator called a Pocket Rocket – and it does the trick every time.”

The hell with the Rocket, Men, your gonna get yours everytime, how about dedicating a little extra time to your girl.

Hello, Tickets on sale now!

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If you happen to be in Vegas in the next three months be sure drop by or pass up Planet Hollywood’s Resort and Casino to see 33-year-old Mel B’s (Melanie Brown – former spice girl) BurlesquePeepShow.