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I don’t know about you, but Kanye came on the show to apologize, Leno didn’t have to go there.



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Jay Z

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He’s broken the mold. Listen. Its FEVAH  for Real. Let me know what you think of his new song “ENCHANT YOU”.

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Get ’em while they last. Check out his music here and tell me what you think.

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Fevah Album

If you haven’t heard about this artist, you need to get from under that rock your living under. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Miami this one’s hitting the streets and hard. Cue45 aka Fevah just finished the METRO PCS 5borough tour. He’s working on a new album, rumor has it he’s been in the studio working with …………………… You’ll find out soon enough, just not yet! This one’s gonna be good!

Check it out:
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TRICK DADDY “I went to the doctor, like, 12 years ago. She took all kinds of tests, because I was trying to get rid of what we call dry skin; she did biopsies and blood tests and swab tests. She told me I have lupus. I am allergic highly to the sun, that’s my worst enemy. It’s like an AK-47 with a double clip on it. A lot of people try to cover it up with regular make-up. It makes your skin pigmented. You can go from dark to light and not light to dark. You have to cover it up and conceal it. My mama had 11 children from 10 different men. If she can live with that, I know I can live with this.”

Mary J Blige

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has signed on to do Tyler Perry’s next movie “I Can Do Bad All By My Self”. She will be starring opposite Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson.

Necole Bitchie got the scoop on the chick who accused Shaq of stalking her and it ain’t pretty.

“As her [Alexis ‘Mary Jane’ Miller] previous make up artist and shoulder to cry on I know the facts. I know her personally and I feel very sorry for her because she is borderline Bi-Polar with a young child. Yes, she was Shaq’s jump off for two years, waiting for him to end it with his wife. Shaq has flown her from coast to coast in his Jet on his time for his needs.
Alexis was a Flight Attended turned Rapper (not singer)..trying to make it big for over a year now in Atlanta. The sh*t hit the fan when he kept promising her to pay for her breast augmentation (boob job) for over a year now, scheduling the surgery for her but would cancel when he heard rumors that she was stepping out with other Men in Atl. He would dangled what she wanted and then she would break off scheduled hook ups with Shaq to show him she was serious about making Shaq keep his promises, he promised securing her a place to live and her breast surgery. He only would spend money on clothes, designer bags and her studio time but of course she wanted more. It was easy for her to stand up Shaqs scheduled trips when he sent for her because she was busy being everyone else’s jump off in Atlanta as well.. getting a bad rep sleeping with guys in the Atl industry scene.. She has been passed around from Polow Da Don, Bu (Knovit Music), Young Dro, Chingy, Young Berg, and several popular Atlanta promoters, she could be found temporarily living at the luxury ski rise building Twelve (at Atlantic Station) staying inside various Male Celebrity apartments, for some reason these guys trusted her in their places. (Men really do think with their dicks! She would eventually always give into Shaq sending for her again. Alexis wanted to be dubbed the next “Superhead” turned self proclaimed rapper and would brag that her skills are better than Karrien Steffans.
Alexis has truly lost her focus in life and has got caught up in the superficial lime light in the Atlanta scene. Her rapping isn’t as bad as her reputation is right now she does coke frequently and she hasn’t cared for her baby in over a year, her 19month old son is from a previous relationship that was abusive from her hometown in New Orleans. Her rap style is masculine because she is a bi-sexual female.. She is a huge attention seeker that will go to any lengths for a second of the lime life. I have seen many girlfriends of hers come in and out of her life with trying to help her slow down but she always finds a way backstabs them all by being a slut.When a woman has no true girlfriends around her then something is truly wrong! Her only confident is her brother Lotto who writes all of her lyrics but he pimps her just like the other men she deals with. Some woman want to play victim and then get bitter when a man cuts them off but they fail to realize that the life style they were apart of was never theirs to begin with. When will Jumpoffs give up the their game! It never works in their favor.. Alexis(Maryjane) wanted to follow in a follow friends footsteps who is a Jump off with true Business about herself at least.. Whom owns an Ethiopian designer clothing line that currently has a baby by Artist Akon.. But this stunt Alexis (MaryJane’s) is going after isn’t working in her favor.