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kendra n hubby

Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant.

The E! reality star has exclusively confirmed that she and fiancé Hank Baskett are expecting their first child.

“Hank and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first child together,We are touched by the outpouring of support by our family, friends and fans.”

Wilkinson, 23, and Baskett, 26, announced their engagement last November after the pro footballer popped the question at the top of Seattle’s Space Needle.

What a month for these two! Besides this happy news, the couple’s wedding is set for June 27 at Wilkinson’s former abode, the Playboy Mansion. And Kendra, her new post-Girls Next Door show premiered Sunday, scoring E!’s second-highest rated series debut ever with 2.6 million viewers.

Bridget Marquardt is ready to step up to the plate and help Kendra through the biggest moments of her life.

The former playmate is “very happy for Kendra and Hank” and was already in the midst of party planning the bachelorette party, when Kendra revealed she was pregnant. And with that, Bridget had two parties to plan!

“Here I am, planning her bachelorette party when maybe I should be planning her baby shower,” says Bridget. “I guess I will work on both…there is a lot to celebrate!”

Wonder if Hef will let them use the mansion? Can’t wrong with the swankiest place in the world.

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lil wayne

According to photographer and industry insider,


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jennifer hudson pregnant BLOCK


They say

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Lauren London wanted to get rid of her baby by Lil Wayne but he threatened to go public about her abortion if she went through with it. Also she’s mad that she lost her virginity to him. <—don’t nobody believe that!

It’s Getting Ugly

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nas kelis

Nas filed a response to Kelis’ divorce petition and he doesn’t want to pay spousal support and he doesn’t want to pay her attorney fees either. They both want joint custody of their unborn child.

Does His Wife Know About This?

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A young woman in Uganda is accusing Akon of getting her pregnant. Susan Owori, who has been seen partying with Akon on several occasions, has been telling friends she got knocked up the last time Akon was in Uganda. Akon has five children and three baby mamas.

Is she really?

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Is Lauren London pregnant by Lil Wayne.

Beyonce’s planning a baby

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This letter was just leaked, wait till Beyonce finds out.
Hi Soulgirl,
Firstly I wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your blog.
I am currently working on the “I AM….Tour” with Beyonce, her mother and the rest of the crew. I won’t give my job role for obvious reasons.
I heard an argument between Tina and Beyonce by accident. Tina is worried that Beyonce will soon loose Jay-Z to a less successful woman, meaning someone who has time to have his children. Jay is not getting any younger and is desperate to have them. Beyonce has been so focused on her career that Jay-Z has gone to the way side. I know Jay-Z had a brief affair with someone and their marriage was nearly over. Tina told Beyonce she is to blame for this and needs to do something about it.
This is why recently you have seen Jay-Z and Beyonce spending more time together, she is trying to rebuild bridges. Her recent announcement to take a break is in fact to have a baby. Tina has told Beyonce that she will look after the child in a year and when she is ready to return to work. Is it NOT Beyonce who wants it but she is pressured to do it by her family and Jay.

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gibson and girl

Gibson, whose wife Robyn filed for divorce this month, showed off his new arm candy in Hollywood, holding hands with 39-year-old Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva at the premiere of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

The tabloid – which, remember, was the first to report on John Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter – claims Gibson’s children were stunned by the news, as his two oldest sons – 26-year-old twins Edward and Christian – will hire an attorney to protect their trust funds.

“In late April, Mel gathered his children at the family home in Malibu and broke the news that Oksana is pregnant, and he expects them to accept the baby as a new sibling,” a friend told the newspape. “They are quite upset… they’re furious with him and say they’re going to take steps to protect their inheritance, which they feel is in jeopardy.”

Wow. Looks like Oksana has more in common with Octomom than just a similar face!