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Katy Perry has something to smile about!

Her hit song California Gurls featuring Snoop Dogg, topped the 4 million mark in paid downloads this week.

This is the third fastest song in digital history to have reached that mark. The Black Eyed Peas’ Boom Boom Pow took 23 weeks and Ke$ha’s Tik Tok took 24 weeks to reach that mark.

Another Katy hit, Hot N Cold, has also surpassed the 4 million mark with 4,597,000 downloads.

That’s incredible!

Is Katy the queen of digital music?? What do U think?


One of Snoop’s entourage got busted accepting a package of weed at the Norfolk Plaza Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia after cops were tipped off about a suspicious package. The box of weed came from Canada and after Weed Carrier Dude got arrested, Snoop stepped up with his marijuana prescription and told officers the box was for him and had just been mis-labeled. An investigation is ongoing.

snoop gotta pay

The good news is, last week Snoop Dogg was cleared of any responsibility in the beat down of a fan after he jumped on stage during a concert and got stomped out. The bad news is Snoop may end up paying for it anyway. Several rappers signed Snoop’s label, Doggy Style Records, have been ordered to pay stompee Richard Monroe more than $449,000 in damages.

Snoop Cleared In Beat Down

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Remember that dude who jumped on stage and got stomped out by Snoop’s stage crew and then tried to sue Snoop for $22 million dollars? Beat Down Boy lost his case. Snoop don’t have to shell out a dime. Dude tried to say Snoop invited him and other concert goers on stage to party and then attacked him, but the video clearly shows otherwise. Here’s a picture of dude post stomp out.
richard monroe snoop_fight

I dont know what dude was thinking, jumping on stage with snoop and HIS friends, what did he think was gonna happen?

Snoop Facing Civil Suit

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Back in 2005 some dude in Seattle hopped onstage during a Snoop Dogg concert and ‘allegedly’ got stomped out and robbed by Snoop’s security. Beat Down Dude filed a lawsuit against the d-o-double-g to the tune of $22 million dollars. The trial started yesterday and jurors were shown video tape of the incident.