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ORGIES @ 15?

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In Usher’s VH1 Behind the Music special Ursh talks about Diddy exposing him to sex and drugs when he was 15. Really?


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usher tattoo blur

Ushers got a ……………………..  visit WWW.STREETSRUS.COM for the rest of the story.

jennifer hudson bump


Jennifer Hudson and Usher at Michael Jacksons Memorial. Usher looks happier than ever.

According to Tameka’s Divorce Petition

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usher and tameka in vegas 

According to Tameka’s divorce petition, her and Usher were intimate a week before he filed for the divorce that she claims took her by surprise. Now, Usher claims they have been apart for a year, but they did celebrate her birthday “together” this past January in Vegas.

Usher KarlLagerfield

He wasnt there because he was sitting in the front row with Karl Lagerfield at the Dior Homme fashion show in Paris.


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usher n jr

Usher who is requesting joint custody of his two sons in his pending divorce from Tameka Raymond says, “What I do is, I try to get work done and get home on the weekends if possible … but when I’m with my boys it’s just all about them.”

Through his divorce attorneys Usher has demanded Tameka relinquish, “any and all diaries or personal notes kept during the course of the marriage, tax files, paycheck stubs, bank account information and other financial records, insurance policies, real-estate rental agreements, medical records and automobile registrations. He is also seeking copies of, “notes, cards, letters, photographs, film, documents, tapes, voice recordings, gifts, jewelry, clothes or other evidence that reflects on Usher’s conduct during their marriage, as well as detective reports, photos or recordings that have resulted from either “surveillance or investigation” of him.

Smart Usher! Saving his rep before them naked picture of  him in funny costumes come out.

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tameka foster Raymond

Yesterday on Twitter Atlanta blogger Sandra Rose asked Usher’s wife Tameka Raymond who was the mysterious young lady Usher was photographed with the other night. Tameka told Sandra it was one of Usher’s product managers. To which Sandra replied, “Didn’t you used to be his stylist?”

Usher Really Makes A Point

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Usher Goes out of his way to show you he’s not wearing his wedding band anymore. At Cartier’s 100th Anniversary party, Usher was being  obvious about making sure his left hand was in the pictures. Ring out for cleaning? Could be. Coincidence? It’s possible.  But Usher hasn’t been wearing his wedding ring at all lately.

Usher Says

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“Places like the Boys & Girls Club helped me be that icon I am today.”

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Here’s Usher unveiling a billboard featuring his face for the Boys and Girls club in Atlanta. His mom was there, but not his wife Tameka.


Here’s Usher on the beach in Miami with his oldest son and again, no Tameka in sight.


When Usher testified on Capital Hill advocating volunteerism, Tameka was not there either.

And when Usher walked the orange carpet at the 2009 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards he was sans the wife and kids, unlike in years past.