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Lil Wayne: Sued for Sleeping

Posted: July 11, 2009 by streetsrusblogtalk in Celebs, Drama, Gossip, Music, News, Rappers
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lil wayne sleeping

Yup, Its true, Wayne is getting sued for  flaking on his Bahamian concert. Red City entertainment fronted him $$432,000 to do the the show and the night of, plenty of lights and cameras but no action. Bahamian police went to his hotel suite to see what was what and found Wayne sleeping. I dont know what he’s going through, but im sure he lost lots of fans that night.

Lauren London baby bump

Posted: July 7, 2009 by streetsrusblogtalk in Celebs, Gossip
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Lauren london bump

Here’s London at Diddy’s 4th of July White Party.

Lil’ is ill

Posted: July 2, 2009 by streetsrusblogtalk in Celebs, Drama, Finance, Gossip, Health, Music, News, Rappers
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Lil Wayne has canceled his next seven tour dates in Europe due to ILLNESS. His doctors say he Must cancel the shows because he requires “doctor Mandated rest”. Lil Wayne promises to go back and deliver the shows promised after he’s had some r and r. Maybe his doctor could just prescribe him some cannabis sativa to get him back in working conditions.

The official cause given by Wayne’s reps and lawyers for him missing these engagements is that he has been undergoing unknown medical “procedures”. Some people are saying Wayne may be suffering from his constant drug abuse and it is all now really starting to catch up to him due to the constant touring and work schedule. Others are saying it could be something even more serious like some unknown disease.

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lil wayne

According to photographer and industry insider,