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Upset fans

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Why you ask?

Because Kelly Rowland lip-sync”s at her concert, her reps say she sings “live to track” — meaning she sing along with a recording…………………………sure sure sure!

Muscle Mike

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Michael Jackson, who probably weighs every bit of 125lbs, has been training with Lou Ferrigno to prepare for his London concert series, but refuses to lift weights because he does not want to bulk up(roflmao).

Michael Jackson Postpones Some Concerts

Posted: May 24, 2009 by streetsrusblogtalk in Celebs, Gossip, Music
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Michael Jackson had to postpone 5 of his upcoming London concert. The reason they gave for postponing the concerts is the “magnitude” of the show. They need more time to get it together, so the concerts will start 5 days later than planned. Fans holding tickets for the original opening night on July 8 will still have seats for the first concert – but those tickets for July 10, 12 and 14 will have to wait until March 2010.


Not really but, there is a shooting involved. On the tv series Degrassi Jr. High, actor turned rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, played Jimmy Brooks whose character was shot in the back by one of his classmates and confined to wheelchair. Over the weekend, Aubrey, who now raps under the stage name ‘Drake’ had to cut short his Chicago House of Blues concert because of a shooting. Fortunately no one ended up in a wheelchair, but one guy was shot in the ass.


In October 2008 Jermaine Jackson went around promoting a Jackson’s Family concert tour. Jermaine said the tour would include the Jackson 5 with Michael, and Janet Jackson. Michael later denied he was involved and we all just thought Jermaine was talking crazy. So why are AllGoodEntertainment suing to block Michael’s London concert series claiming he’s violating a blackout clause? They say their 2008 Jackson 5 concert agreement prohibits Mike from making another concert deal for 18 months. So they’re suing. Ok, if this is true, why didn’t they sue Janet for the Vertigo tour?

snoop gotta pay

The good news is, last week Snoop Dogg was cleared of any responsibility in the beat down of a fan after he jumped on stage during a concert and got stomped out. The bad news is Snoop may end up paying for it anyway. Several rappers signed Snoop’s label, Doggy Style Records, have been ordered to pay stompee Richard Monroe more than $449,000 in damages.

Snoop Cleared In Beat Down

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Remember that dude who jumped on stage and got stomped out by Snoop’s stage crew and then tried to sue Snoop for $22 million dollars? Beat Down Boy lost his case. Snoop don’t have to shell out a dime. Dude tried to say Snoop invited him and other concert goers on stage to party and then attacked him, but the video clearly shows otherwise. Here’s a picture of dude post stomp out.
richard monroe snoop_fight

I dont know what dude was thinking, jumping on stage with snoop and HIS friends, what did he think was gonna happen?